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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
Richtiarkade 18
8304 Wallisellen, CH
+41 44 838 60 00
International Seed Testing Association

Technical Committees

The principal objective of ISTA Technical Committees is to develop, standardise and validate methods for sampling and testing of seed quality, using the best scientific knowledge available.

These tasks are subject-focused in Technical Committees where scientists, technicians, and specialists from all over the world work closely together for the enhancement of seed testing methodologies.

The Technical Committees perform comparative studies and surveys in different research fields. They develop and enhance the ISTA ‘International Rules for Seed Testing’ and ISTA Handbooks on seed methods including sampling, testing, and processing seeds, and are responsible for the organisation of Symposia, Seminars, and Workshops. ISTA Technical Committees regularly hold workshops that provide a platform for the exchange of information, experience, and ideas.

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