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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
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International Seed Testing Association

Nomenclature Committee

The Nomenclature Committee provides a forum to resolve matters relating to the scientific and common names of plants that are important both as intended and unintended components of commercial seed. Decisions regarding the proper spelling, application, authorship, and taxonomic classification of names for crops and weeds are reflected in outputs such as the ISTA List of Stabilised Plant Names and the Multilingual Glossary of Common Plant Names, both of which are results of Committee activity. The currently available edition of the Stabilised List was completed in 2019; a new edition is due for completion in 2025.


  • To resolve matters related to the scientific and common names of plants.
  • To decide the proper spelling, application, authorship and taxonomic classification of names for crops and weeds.
  • To prepare the ISTA List of Stabilised Plant Names and the Multilingual Glossary of Common Plant Names.


  • The unique botanical name to a specific plant is crucial to ensure that the right species is addressed.

Note: Public access to the GRIN database, which previously hosted the Multilingual Glossary of Common Names for crop plants, has been temporarily suspended, as modifications are being made.


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