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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
Richtiarkade 18
8304 Wallisellen, CH
+41 44 838 60 00
International Seed Testing Association

Seed Health PT

Participating laboratories can verify their ability to detect a particular pathogen on seeds of a specific species. For the testing procedure, laboratories should follow the testing procedures described in the ISTA Rules.

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Rounds and Results

PT22-SH Pseudomonas (Method 7-029)
PT22-SH Phomopsis (Method 7-016)
PT22-SH Triticum (Method 7-022)

PT18-SH Flax 

(Method 7-007)
PT18-SH O.sat (Method 7-025)
PT17-SH P.vul

(Method 7-021) / (Method 7-023)

PT15-SH Cucurbitaceae (Method 7-026)
PT15-SH U. nuda   (Method 7-013 a+b)
PT13-SH H. annuus   (Method 7-003)
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