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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
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International Seed Testing Association

Statistics Committee

The scope of the Statistics Committee is related to seed testing, covering all technical activities that may benefit from statistics (physiology, pathology, vision recognition, inter-laboratory tests, etc.). Our projects could be of interest to academics at universities and agricultural colleges, statisticians involved in the seed industry, and many others.


  • To provide help to all other Technical Committees.
  • Covering all technical activities that require statistical analysis such as method validations, proficiency tests, etc.
  • Sharing their knowledge and experience in workshops on statistics.
  • Developing a collection of statistical tools to assist ISTA members in their routine work.


  • Statistical knowledge enables the use of appropriate methods for data collection, the use of correct analyses, and the effective presentation of results.

The work of this Committee is carried out on a voluntary basis. Within the Committee, some projects fall under the responsibility of sub-groups. For other activities, members interact individually with colleagues of other ISTA Technical Committees.

The aim of the Statistics Committee is to provide help to all other Technical Committees. The exchange between individuals can be fruitful beyond ISTA-focused work: when collaborating on a given subject, the questions addressed are usually of interest in members’ own job roles. Consider joining the Statistics Committee if you are involved in statistics in relation to plants.


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Statistical Tools for Seed Testing

Calculator for adding working weights to Table 2C of the ISTA Rules

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics: 
The goal of this project is to provide interactive,web-based modules for students and teachers of probability and statistics. 

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics: 
The Rice Virtual Laboratory in Statistics is an integrated combination of an electronic textbook, simulations/demonstrations, and case studies. The electronic textbook covers basic concepts in statistics and data analysis and contains links to data analysis tools, instructional demonstrations/simulations, and other online texts. The simulations and demonstrations help make abstract concepts concrete and allow students to investigate various aspects of statistical tests and distributions. Case studies demonstrate the real-world applicability of statistical methods. 

The STEPS project brought together nine departments in seven universities throughout the UK to develop problem-based teaching and learning materials for statistics. The materials produced are based around specific problems arising in Biology, Business, Geography, and Psychology.
A glossary of statistical terms is available on the Internet.

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