Seed Storage Committee        
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Chair Hugh W. Pritchard
Vice David Mycock
Member Joseph Asomaning
Andreas Börner
Rekha Chaudhury
Elena Gonzalez-Benito
Steven P.C. Groot
Isolde Dorothea Kossmann Ferraz
Isaura Martin
Cathy Offord
Moctar Sacande
N. Sershen
Xiang-Yun Yang
         There are 15 scientists from 12 different countries registered and involved with the Seed Storage Committee. The common goal of the committee is the development and/or improvement of effective medium- and long-term storage methods. To achieve these goals it is important to have an appreciation of the biological processes that underlie the seed storage behaviour and how these processes are affected by actual storage. This is particularly true of recalcitrant (non-orthodox) seed germplasm.
         At present the committee has four main goals:

         1) to quantify seed storage responses (particularly desiccation tolerance) in species previously under-researched; 
         2) assess the long-term storage stability of orthodox seeds, including aspects of seed health;
         3) to develop innovative methods of assessing seed storage potential / responses, including cryopreservation; 
         4) to collate, interpret and present information on seed storage in a ‘guideline’ of value to ISTA members and others.


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STI 154 October 2017
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