Purity Committee        
Chair Ruojing Wang
Vice Andrea Jonitz
Member Aurélie Charrier
Sue Cousins
Maria Elena Duter
Axel Goeritz
Selma Kurt
Carrie Lewis
Sumaia Mahmuda
Augusto Martinelli
Deborah Meyer
Kepha Oganda
Dot Vittrup Pedersen
Erik van Egmond
Mary Watson
ECOM liaison officer Craig R. McGill

Seed Mixture Training

According to the Historical Papers by Hans Arne Jensen, purity work has a long history. From the first approval of the ISTA rules in 1931 to the purity test according to the quicker method in 1950, to the first pure seed descriptions in 1976, to the current rules.
There are now Pure Seed Definitions for 438 Genus in the rules and an explanation of the PSD’s in the handbook.

  • To maintain and update the ISTA rules on purity testing 
  • To update and clarify these rules whenever needed. This can be a request from a member laboratory, the industry, and others 
  • To provide tools and information as an aid in seed identification 
  • To look into possibilities of e.g. image analysis and other tools to be implemented in daily routine analysis in a laboratory 

The work of the committee focuses on:
  • Chapter 2 for making the working sample of the test 
  • Chapter 3 and 4 on how to perform the purity and other seed determination 
  • Chapter 10 on weight determination 
  • Chapter 11 on the purity of coated seeds 

Explore the ISTA Universal List of Species.

Seed identification reference for tropical species:



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