Moisture Committee        
Chair Axel Goeritz
Member Susan Alvarez
Ramesh D. M.
Gerarda de Boer - Raatgever
Baymolo Goma
Fiona R. Hay
Céline Herbert
Selma Kurt
Jette Nydam
Sergio Pasquini
Tanja Petrovic
Wen-Ju Yang
ECOM liaison officer Craig R. McGill

The moisture test is used during all steps of the seed production process, to predict harvest time in the field, to monitor seed drying, during processing to prevent mechanical damage and during storage for longevity. The moisture test is used for routine purposes and in research, as well as for certification. In recent years, some exciting new techniques for moisture testing have been developed. The Moisture Committee is investigating how these may fit into the ISTA International Rules for Seed Testing.

  • To improve the Chapter on Moisture in the ISTA Rules, extending the number of species that are covered and updating the methodology for orthodox and non-orthodox seeds. 
  • To organise frequent workshops. The Committee welcomes requests for these events. 
  • To update the ISTA Handbook on Moisture Determination, first published in 2007. 

Membership of the Moisture Committee and its working groups is open to those interested, especially people from organisations involved in moisture testing and members of other ISTA Technical Committees. In addition to participating in the activities of the Moisture Committee or its working groups, these people act as liaison between the Moisture Committee and the organisation or Committee they represent. Committee members participate on a voluntary basis.


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