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Chair Enrico Noli
Vice René Mathis
Member Elizabeth Bates
Sofia Ben Tahar
Tajinder Grewal
Lutz Grohmann
Andrea Jonitz
Jean-Louis Laffont
Marco Mazzara
Dwarkesh Parihar
Elena Perri
Kirk Remund
Raymond Shillito
Ana Laura Vicario
Bruno Zaccomer
Dabing Zhang
In the last years, the adventitious presence of genetically modified (GM) seeds in non GM seed lots has increasingly become a problem for the international seed trade. The GMO Committee was established in 2001 (2001-2010 GMO Task Force) to focus on activities to develop a system targeting the uniformity in GMO testing results, not only by the uniformity in GMO testing methodology, but by a performance based approach. For realisation of this approach the ISTA GMO Committee is active in the following directions:

  • Establishing an ISTA Rules Chapter for the detection, identification and quantification of GMO in conventional seed.
  • Organisation of proficiency tests on GMO testing.
  • Exchange of information between laboratories at workshops and offering training programmes.
Updated 01.10.2012


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