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Chair Sylvie Ducournau
Vice Gillian McLaren
Member Pernilla Andersson
Ignacio Aranciaga
Sarah Dammen
Lucile Daron
Meriam Dekalo-Keren
Hortense Faucher
Lesly González Galaz
Aidin Hamidi
David Johnston
Andrea Jonitz
Augusto Martinelli
Rita Zecchinelli
Germination is a basic and one of the oldest criteria for seed quality evaluation. Within ISTA, many studies have been carried out in 80 years or so. Nowadays, the ISTA rules for germination offer a few thousands of equivalent alternative methods for more than 600 species covering the Agricultural and Vegetable species, Tree and Shrubs, Flower, Spice, Herb and Medicinal species. The germination test methods are more or less the same since the beginning of the 20th century: to germinate seed samples in a substrate, in controlled environmental conditions.
The aims of the Germination Committee are mainly:
  • To update and contribute to improve the test methods in application of the increasing knowledge, the technical and technological progresses or the regulations requests as ISTA standard of accreditation, ISO 17025…
  • To improve the rules in chapter 5 of the ISTA rules
  • To create training material e.g. Handbooks
  • To introduce method for species not covered by the rules. A specific attention will be brought to tropical and subtropical species.
  • To share the knowledge among laboratories and seed testing people to facilitate the exchange and improve the standardisation.
The work is done within working groups gathering experts and voluntary people from all organisations interested in sharing experience. Close links exist with other committees (flower, tree and shrub, statistics) and with the ISTA accreditation department.
The committee is very interested in listening and sharing suggestions from all.

Updated 17.01.2017 (AM)


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