Advanced Technologies Committee        
Chair Bert van Duijn
Vice Francisco G. Gomes Junior
Member Devaraja Achar A.M.
Birte Boelt
Sebastian Bopper
Kent J. Bradford
Henry Bruggink
Aurélie Charrier
Mieczyslaw Grzesik
Brigitte Hamman
Giovanny Lopez
Mailén Ariela Martinez
Nikolay S. Priyatkin
Tomoko Sakata
Zhujun Zhu
ECOM liaison officer Craig R. McGill

The large variety in fields of expertise and experience within the ATC members is drawn upon in order to address a range of topics that touch on relevant issues of Advanced Technologies in Seed Testing. In the process, the aims and working programme of the ATC have been redefined. 

  1. To form a bridge between the world of research and development, and ISTA’s other Technical Committees.
  2. To collect and interpret data and opinions on ‘advanced’ technologies.
  3. To provide information on advanced technologies to the ISTA community.
  4. To chair or participate in research and tests of advanced technologies in cooperation with other Technical Committees and/or act as reviewers.
  5. To assist ISTA by formulating views of ongoing or future technological developments (e.g. nanotechnology, microelectronics, etc.) from a seed testing perspective.
  • ATC will not aim to develop ‘ISTA-approved’ or ‘ISTA-advised’ technologies.
  • ATC will not aim to produce proposals for the ISTA International Rules for Seed Testing.
The current working program of the ATC will be followed for those tasks that are in agreement with the proposed aims of the ATC. In addition, new tasks will be added to the working program, including:
  • The organisation of the ATC meeting at the next ISTA Ordinary General Meeting, with the participation of people from other Technical Committees.
  • The organisation of workshops/sessions on ATC topics at ISTA Congresses;
  • Assisting in the organisation of workshops/sessions that include ATC related topics;
  • Organising focused ATC meetings/workshops on a specific technology or development.
The full working program, including ATC members responsible for specific tasks and timelines, will be posted and regularly updated on this page.


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