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  Standard Proficiency Test        
  Rounds and Results
Standard Programme Plan

The ISTA Proficiency Test Committee defines the ISTA Standard PT Programme Plan which is valid for a three year period between two ISTA Congresses. They select species which are listed in the ISTA Rules Table 2A. Chosen species belong as per their size and germination type to the ISTA defined crop groups: grasses, cereals, small legumes, pulses, other agricultural species, vegetables, forest and flowers.

Schedule and Ratings

Samples are provided to the participants three times per year: 1st of April, 1st of August and 1st of December. Each round includes three samples for each test, as defined by the Programme Plan e.g. purity, other seed determination, germination, moisture, viability or vigour tests. Duration of each round is three month when the results are reported to the ISTA Secretariat. An A, B, C rating principle is applied and the evaluated results are reported back to the participants in steps:
  • heterogeneity test results are published immediately after the reporting deadline
  • preliminary results (in-round ratings) and final results (overall ratings) are emailed to the participant
  • A summary report of each participant's general performance is published on the ISTA website
For understanding the Rating System, Evaluation and Reporting results refer to the following document: ISTA Standard Proficiency Test


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