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  Seed Health Proficiency Test        
  Rounds and Results
For general information or if you wish to participate in one of the test rounds, please contact the ISTA Secretariat.

We are in need of contaminated seed lots of these species and pathogens. Any laboratories having contaminated seed lots available for these tests would be very welcome to contribute those seed lots for this purpose.  

Please contact the proficiency test subcommittee chairperson, Ms Valerie Grimault.

Upcoming Seed Health Proficiency Test rounds:  

7-014 - Parastagonospora nodorum (scheduled for latest 2022)
7-022 - Microdochium nivale (scheduled for latest 2022)
7-029 - Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi (scheduled for 2021)
7-031 - Ditylenchus dipsaci (scheduled for 2021)  

Details will be announced as soon as registration is possible. Laboratories accredited for Seed Health will be notified by email and others via newsletter.


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