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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
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International Seed Testing Association

DNA Proficiency Test

The aim of the proficiency test is to check the ability of individual laboratories to obtain DNA profiles using the marker sets in the Rules. These DNA profiles will be compared against a Reference Matrix using two parameters, the number of varieties wrongly rated and the number of markers with wrong results. The proficiency test is aimed to test laboratory performance and is mandatory for ISTA Accredited laboratories performing DNA tests on wheat and having this test in the accreditation scope

Current Proficiency Test Round

1st DNA Proficiency Test on Wheat 

Time Schedule

1. Confirmation of laboratories interested in participation:  September 2022 

2. MTA for signing:  September - October 2022

3. Submission of the signed MTA:   October 2022

4. Sample shipment:   November 2022

5. Submission of test results to the ISTA Secretariat: 31 January 2023

6. Reporting of results by the ISTA Secretariat: March 2023

Please note that only a limited number of sample sets are available. Samples will be shipped from Canada.

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