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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
Richtiarkade 18
8304 Wallisellen, CH
+41 44 838 60 00
International Seed Testing Association


Membership Code NLML0500
Organisation DLF BV

P.O. Box 1

4420 AA Kapelle

Country Netherlands
Phone 0031113347911
FAX 0031113330110
Current Scope of Accreditation:

Sampling from the lot (SAM)

  • SAM: Manual lot sampling grasses
  • SAM: Manual lot sampling cereals
  • SAM: Manual lot sampling small legumes
  • SAM: Manual lot sampling other agricultural crops
  • SAM: Automatic lot sampling grasses
  • SAM: Automatic lot sampling cereals
  • SAM: Automatic lot sampling small legumes
  • SAM: Automatic lot sampling other agricultural crops

Purity and identification of other seeds (PUR/OSD)

  • PUR/OSD: Grasses
  • PUR/OSD: Poa pratensis, Poa trivialis and Dactylis glomerata
  • PUR/OSD: Small legumes

Germination (GER)

  • GER: Grasses
  • GER: Small legumes

Thousand-seed weight (TSW) (TSW)

  • TSW: Grasses
  • TSW: Small legumes
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