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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
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International Seed Testing Association

Variety Testing: Laboratory Tests for Variety Determination with Fungal Pathogens

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Variety Committee

The most successful means of distinguishing susceptible varieties from those with some degree of resistance is the observation of plants during a period of development after inoculation with a pathogen. This handbook is made up of 15 pages. One of the most important agronomic factors associated with crop cultivars is yield potential, but characterization of this attribute is practically impossible without data from field trials. In contrast, the closely related characteristic of disease resistance can often be observed in the laboratory, growth chamber or greenhouse. Most often a combination of subtle physiological and chemical processes confer resistance on a cultivar. Available as an electronic, downloadable, printable PDF copy only. By J.F. Schoen ISBN: 3-906549-29-1

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