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GMO Proficiency Test 

The aim of the GMO proficiency test (PT) is to assess the ability of individual laboratories to detect the presence or absence of GM seeds and to quantify and identify their presence in samples of conventional seeds. Participants may choose their own methods. Since GMO testing has been included in the ISTA Accreditation Programme, participation in the ISTA PTs on GMO testing is compulsory for those laboratories currently in the process of accreditation in GM seed testing.

This is a tentative schedule. The final schedule is dependent on the availability of seed material for the species and Events of interests.
PT23 Soybean
PT24 Alfalfa
PT25 Corn
PT26 Rice or Wheat or Flax

GMO Proficiency test data rating

Rating systems for qualitative (presence/absence) and quantitative results are developed and tested by the ISTA Statistics Committee. Detailed information was published in Seed Testing International Nos. 128 (qualitative rating) and 130 (quantitative rating).

The rating procedure for quantitative results is described in the document: ISTA GMO Proficiency Tests: Rating System for Quantitative Results (STI No. 130 Oct 2005). From PT18 round onwards, a change in the procedure has been made in order to better take into account recognized standards regarding the precision of a quantitative result. 

To obtain further information or clarification, please contact the ISTA Secretariat.

Upcoming Proficiency Test Round

23rd ISTA GMO Proficiency Test (Soybean)*

*Details will be announced as soon as registration is possible. Laboratories accredited for GMO and previous participants of the GMO PT will be notified by email and others by newsletter.


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