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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
Richtiarkade 18
8304 Wallisellen, CH
+41 44 838 60 00
International Seed Testing Association

Plant Health Seminar 2021

  • Session 1: Regulatory aspects of plant health

    IPPC and the global movement of seeds – an overview of ISPM38
    Stephanie Bloem (North American Plant Protection Organization) 

    How to secure the global movement of sufficiently healthy seeds and its connection with the ISPM38
    Michael Keller (International Seed Federation, ISF)

    Public - Private partnership initiatives in APAC on the implementation of ISPM38
    Kanokwan (May) Chodchoey (The Asia and Pacific Seed Association , APSA)

  • Session 2.1: New threats/ outbreaks/ regulations
  • Session 2.2: New detection methods
  • Session 2.3: Alternative control measures

    Genetic Resistance
    Valerie Grimault (GEVES)

    SUCSEED - Stopping the use of pesticides on seeds: Plant and microbiome-based solutions
    Marie Simonin (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, France)

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