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International Seed Testing Association
International Seed Testing Association
Richtiarkade 18
8304 Wallisellen, CH
+41 44 838 60 00
International Seed Testing Association

ISTA Congress 2022

The 33rd ISTA Congress was held in Cairo, Egypt from May 08 - 11, 2022.

OGM Preparatory Documents Ordinary General Meeting Technical Committees Reports Seminar "Advancements and innovation in seed testing: from science to robust test"
OGM22-01 Agenda for the Ordinary Meeting 2022

OGM22-02 Minutes OGM 2021

OGM22-03 Activity Report of the ISTA Committees 2021

OGM22-04 Membership fee proposal

OGM22-05 Rules Proposals for ISTA 2023

OGM22-06 ISTA Method Validation Reports 2023

OGM22-07 Strategy 2022-2025 Rules Comments for the OGM

Appendix 1: ISTA Germination Table 5A Part 1

Appendix 2: ISTA Germination Table 5A Part 2

Appendix 3: ISTA Germination Table A Part 3
Plant Variety Protection in Egypt

Variety Registration & Release

ECOM Report

Secretary-General and Accreditation Report

ISTA Strategy 2022-2025

Membership fees proposal for 2023

Advanced Technologies Committee

Bulking and Sampling Committee

Forest Tree and Shrub Seed Committee

Germination Committee

GMO Committee

Moisture Committee

Nomenclature Committee

Proficiency Tests Committee

Purity Committee

Rules Committee

Seed Health Committee

Statistics Committee

Tetrazolium Committee

Variety Committee

Vigour Committee

Seed Science Advisory Group

Seed Storage Committee

Wild Species Working Group

Seed Industry in Egypt

From Science to robust (ISTA) seed test

X-ray in seed analysis

Software for processing and analysis of digital X-ray images of seeds

3D X-ray imaging Magnetic Resonance imaging and Infrared Thermal imaging in seed analysis

Multispectral imaging in seed analysis

Measurements of oxygen consumption for single seed analysis

Dead or Alive: Simple, Nondestructive, and Predictive Monitoring of Seeds

ISTA Special Project 19 1

ISTA Special Project 19 2

ISTA Special project 20 1
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