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Accreditation offers a range of benefits to ISTA Member Laboratories and to sellers and buyers in the international seed market.

For the laboratory:
  • Gives formal recognition that a Member Laboratory is technically competent to test seed using ISTA methods, producing reliable results.
  • Laboratory staff receive confirmation of their competence to perform sampling and testing, as required at an international level. This increases staff motivation and technical expertise.
  • Laboratory performance is evaluated and measured by participation in the Proficiency Testing Programme.
  • Accreditation is also an important marketing tool. The laboratory’s details and scope of Accreditation are publicly available to potential customers on the ISTA website.
For the seed seller:
  • An increased acceptance of seed lots reduces cost and improves sellers’ credibility for their products.
  • The risk of shipping seeds with faulty results on the test report is minimised.
  • In some countries/distinct economies, export of seed is only permitted if the seed lot is accompanied by an ISTA Certificate.
  • Seed producers themselves can apply for Accreditation for their laboratory.
For the seed buyer:
  • ISTA Certificates provide the seed buyer with confidence that the results on the test report correspond to the quality of the seed lot.
  • Use of an ISTA accredited laboratory to test seed lots indicates that seeds have been tested by internationally accepted methods, helping to demonstrate that the quality of a seed lot is acceptable. This is particularly important for the international trade of seeds.
  • In some countries/distinct economies, import of seed is only permitted if the seed lot is accompanied by an ISTA Certificate.


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