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  PT 19-3 Hordeum vulgare Instruction including seed mixture exercise        
  Standard Proficiency Test | GMO Proficiency Test | Seed Health Proficiency Test
This round is designed for purity, other seed determination, germination and viability testing.

Participants should test the samples and report the results in accordance with the current ISTA Rules.

Accredited laboratories are required to participate in all tests for which they hold accreditation. Laboratories not accredited for these tests may participate on a voluntary basis.

Purity Analysis
Please note that the sample weight of the test round is based on the weight of 2500 seeds and it can differ from the weight prescribed in the Table 2C.

Other Seed Determination
The number and species names of other seeds found shall be reported in alphabetical order in accordance with the current ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names

Submitting Results
Remaining seed shall be carefully stored for re-testing or follow-up corrective actions if required. There should be enough seed for one re-test.

Laboratories shall receive an electronic copy of the report forms.

You are kindly asked to initiate the tests within 3 weeks after receipt, and report the results by e-mail (to pt@ista.ch).  

Deadline for reporting: 1 June 2020 - Extended to 27 July 2020 

Seed mixture training exercise
An extra sample with a seed mixture is included in this PT round. The seeds are packed in a separate small plastic box and are intended for a seed identification test round. The participation in this seed mixture identification test is voluntary. It is an exercise organised by the ISTA Purity Committee with the aim of improving the seed identification skills of the analysts and it is not subjected to rating.


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