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Introduction ISTA Technical Committees

The principle objective of ISTA is to develop and standardise methods for sampling and testing of seeds quality parameters such as germination, purity, moisture, or seed health, using the best scientific knowledge available.
An important aim is to promote research in all areas of seed science and technology through publication, training programs and meetings. The Technical Committees are responsible for the organisation of Symposia, Seminars and Workshops.
These tasks are subject-focused in 19 Technical Committees where scientists of different research fields and specialists from all over the world work closely together for the improvement of seed testing. The Technical Committees perform comparative studies, surveys and exchange information about specific issues. A committee may have several working groups composed of seed specialists on particular subjects. These committees are responsible for the development and improvement of the 'International Rules of Seed Testing' and ISTA Handbooks on seed methods including sampling, testing, processing and distributing seeds.

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