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The current ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names represents the 6th edition of this work*. Previous editions were completed and published in 1966, 1983, 1988, 2001, and 2007. Individual names on the List are to be stabilized for a period of at least six years. After a 13-year hiatus following the 1988 edition, numerous changes were made for the 2001 edition, so the ISTA Nomenclature Committee thereafter refrained from proposing changes to any name, regardless of its initial date of stabilization, until the 2007 edition. With this 2013 edition, we are continuing the regular cycle of publication established for the last two editions.

Although only six years have now elapsed, many changes or adjustments in nomenclature for the plants treated here have occurred. These mostly result from recent advancements in taxonomic classification or from the nomenclatural actions of an International Botanical Congress, the latter reflected in the 2012 International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code) (ICN) adopted by the 2011 Melbourne Congress (J. McNeill et al., Regnum Vegetabile 154, A. R. G. Gantner Verlag, 2012). The items included in these reports were evaluated individually by Nomenclature Committee members. The resulting Nomenclature Committee Ballot, also made available on the Web, summarizes the results of Committee voting. From these results, a document containing the "Proposed Changes to the ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names" approved by Committee vote was submitted to and approved by the 30th ISTA Congress in Antalya, Turkey in 2013.

*ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names 7th Edition will be issued in 2020. The plant name links that are currently not working will be repaired in the new edition. 

ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names 6th Edition 2013


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