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"The basis of seed vigour and vigour testing" Alison Powell, University of Aberdeen, UK
"The use of vigour tests in Japan"  Takashi Shinohara, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
"Accelerated ageing test"  Julio Marcos Filho, University of Sao Paolo (ESALQ), Brazil
"From seed longevity to controlled deterioration test: an assessment of seed vigour based on seed ageing" Marie-Hélène Wagner, GEVES, France
"Electrical conductivity test: physiological basis and application" Hulya Ilbi,  Ege  University, Turkey
"An industry perspective of the cold test"  Tim Loeffler,  Monsanto, USA
"Radicle emergence test in relation to emergence, seed storage and other vigour tests"  Stan Matthews, University of Aberdeen, UK
"Tetrazolium staining as a test of soybean seed vigour" Carina Gallo, National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA), Argentina
"Practical considerations for commercial seed storage" Tim Loeffler,  Monsanto, USA
"Application of the ageing/repair hypothesis in vigour testing" Alison Powell, University of Aberdeen, UK


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