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June 26

150th Anniversary of Seed Testing, Norbert Leist

Seed technology and quality in a changing world, Laura Bowden

Oral Session 1:  Developments in viability and vigour testing

Safeguarding genome integrity in germination and seed longevity, Wanda Waterworth
New technology for estimation of germination of cereal seeds, Thomas Borjesson
An early count of radicle emergence and measurement of the leakage of electrolytes predict the percentage of normal seedlings, Stan Matthews
Multispectral imaging in sugar beet seed to determine germination, Kenan Genctuerk

June 27

Oral Session 2: Ensuring seed quality for future generations

Referencing the Global Information System for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
, Fiona Hay
First ever seed standards of Lasiurus sindicus for quality assurance, Vijay Dunna
The effect of a hot-drying treatment on the genetic dissection for seed longevity in rice, Jae-Sung Lee
New approaches to provide a rapid assessment of germination in seeds of native species, Alison Powell

Oral Session 3: Ensuring seed health and implications of change for seed pathology

How a basic understanding of watermelon seed infection by Acidovorax citrulli has improved seed health testing, Ron Walcott
Low-pressure plasma seed treatment as a substitute for chemical seed treatment in case of common bunt (Tilletia caries), Sebastian Bopper
Is seed a pathway? Updating the List of Seed-Borne Diseases, Nicolas Denancé
Pinus patula in South Africa: effect of seed-borne mycoflora on germination, their control and first report of Sydowia polyspora, Theresa Aveling
Dityluz: Development of tools for the detection and viability testing of stem nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci, on alfalfa seeds (Medicago sativa L.), Geoffrey Orgeur
How to adapt methods to evaluate seed health of treated seeds, Isabelle Serandat

June 28

Oral Session 4: Seed production in a changing environment

The changing face of the Indian seed sector: challenges and opportunities
, Raj S Paroda
Rice seed production in a changing climate, Duangporn Angsumalee
Impact of environmental conditions during seed development in seed vigour and quality in barley, Manuela Nagel
Novel breeding methods and innovations in seed production for delivering quality seed and changing climates, Ashok Kumar A
Seed quality development in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) grown in organic and conventional cultivation systems, Kutay Coskun Yildirim

Oral Session 5: New technology and novel methods for seed quality assessment 

Identification of morphologically similar seeds using computer vision and image analysis
, Ruojing Wang
Multispectral imaging in seed testing, Birte Boelt
Can DNA barcoding and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology detect invasive plant species in seed lots?, Steve Jones
Machine vision technology for establishing varietal distinctness, Monika Joshi
Image recognition technology on assisting paddy (Oryza sativa L.) seed germination testing, I-Cheng Chen

Seed Symposium conclusion, Bert Van Duijn
Seed Symposium conclusion, Laura Bowden


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