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Poster Session 1:  Developments in viability and vigour testing

P1.02 Marie-Helene Wagner - Genetic diversity in sunflower and seed vigour testing

P1.03 H S Yogeesha - Dry heat treatment for removal of dormancy in cucumber
P1.07 Laura Bowden - The Impact of Light and High Light on Radicle Emergence and Germination
P1.08 Peter Deplewski - Expected Variance between Seed Germination Test Replicate Results
P1.18 Papassorn Wattanakulpakin - Ethepon effect on peanut seed dormancy release

Poster Session 2: Ensuring seed quality for future generations

P2.01 Ekkehard Schroder - Indo-German cooperation in seed sector development

P2.08 Razia Sultana - A study on eRH threshold limite of pulse beetle infestation
P2.10 Razia Sultana - Desiccant drying technology for controlling bruchids in mung bean seeds
P2.12 Zorika Nikolic - Genetic Markers in Seed Quality Control in Serbia
P2.16 Manuela Nagel - Application of probit analysis and neural networks to predict seed longevity
P2.19 Wen-Ju Yang - Fruit maturity and seed moisture content affect seed storage in papaya

Poster Session 3: Ensuring seed health and implications of change for seed pathology

P3.01 Sujatha Patta - Studies on the effect and efficacy of biological coating against Macrophomina phaseolina in maize

P3.04 Rene Mathis - Molecular Methods in Seed Health Testing

Poster Session 4: Seed production in a changing environment

P4.01 Jhansi Rani - Genetics of seed longevity in soybean

P4.03 Chris Ojiewo - Legum Variety Adoption and Varietal Turnover in Selected African Countries
P4.05 Hakeem Ajeigbe - Seed Needs Assessment on North-Eastern Nigeria
P4.07 Raghu Chaliganti - Opportunities and challenges to improve agriculture and seed sector value chain governance in Telangana region, India

Poster Session 5: New technology and novel methods for seed quality assessment

P5.03 Francisco Gomes-Junior - MRI applied in the analysis of soybean and corn seeds

P5.04 Francisco Gomes-Junior - ProSeedling_a new computerized system for seed vigour assessment
P5.05 Marie-Jose Cote - Identification of invasive plant and weed species using DNA barcode sequencing
P5.06 Marie-Jose Cote - Detection and identification of invasive plants and weed seeds in seed lots using NGS technology
P5.08 Ciao-Yun Syu - Study no discrimination system for seed characteristics of rice with image processing
P5.09 Nykolay Priyatkin - Influence of bacterial infection to physical characteristics and sowing qualities of Zea mays seeds

N Nethra - Identification of diagnostic molecular markers for genetic purity testing in cowpea
Satya Srii - Use of microsatellite markers and SNPs for genetic purity testing of maize F1 hybrid
I Alberty - An overview of Fusarium proliferatumon bulbs and seeds of Alliumspecies in Italy


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