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Langton-accordance and Concordance Tool

This tool has been set up by S Langton, who kindly accepted it to be published on ISTA web, based on his publication “Analysing collaborative trials for qualitative microbiological methods: accordance and concordance", published in International Journal of Food Microbiology 79 (2002), 175– 181. It is very useful for calculating accordance (repeatability) and concordance (reproducibility) for qualitative results obtained during CT and PT.

Click on the link below to download the rounding programme.
Langton-accordance and Concordance Tool

Homogeneity Testing
Download the excel tool for testing homogeneity of samples for seed health

(Note: In case the formulas in the excel file should not work, please try to modify the delimiter symbols (comma/point) which can be changed in Region and language/ other parameters/decimal symbol. If you should still have problems with the tool or other questions, please contact: mustapha.elyakhlifi@geves.fr)

Probability of k positive samples out of n 

Hampels Test Calculations Example


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