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ISTA Bulking and Sampling Committee
has created a Sampling Calculator, which may be installed as an application on a Desktop, Android or iOS device. 

With this Application, samplers no longer need to carry ISTA Rules with them when they are going to sample seed lots; they will have all the information they need on their smartphone.

ISTA Sampling Calculator Application automatically calculates the minimum number of primary samples to be taken (including for heterogeneity testing) of all kinds of seeds, all sizes and types of containers and packaging, as well as the seed stream. All that the sampler needs to do is to enter a few variables pertaining to the specific seed lot being sampled.

The Application also provides all relevant information of the species being sampled, such as maximum seed lot size, submitted sample size, including for moisture testing, as well as the working sample sizes for purity and other seed determination.

Open ISTA Bulking and Sampling Committee Sampling Calculator here.

Installation Instructions for ISTA Sampling Calculator:

1. Open Google Chrome (Installing the App only works on Chrome at the moment. For other browsers, such as Firefox and Explorer, save the page as a bookmark)
2. Go to the website (https://sampling-calculator.seedtest.org)
3. Go to Settings (The three dots at the top right corner)
4. Click "Install ISTA Sampling Calculator"

1. Open Google Chrome         
2. Go to the website (https://sampling-calculator.seedtest.org)  
3. Go to Settings (The three dots at the top right corner)
4. Tap "Add to Home Screen", then tap "Add"

1. Open Safari   
2. Go to the website (https://sampling-calculator.seedtest.org) 
3. Tap the Share button on Safari
4. Find "Add to Home Screen" by sliding to the right
5. Tap "Add to Home Screen", then tap "Add" at the top right corne


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