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  How to become an ISTA Accredited Laboratory (226 KB)
  How to become an ISTA Accredited Laboratory - Spanish Version (247 KB)
  How to develop Quality Documentation (827 KB)
  How to respond to audit findings (240 KB)
  How to complete ISTA Certificates (1412 KB)

  ISTA Accreditation Standard for Seed Testing and Seed Sampling (224 KB)
  Norme daccréditation de l'ISTA pour les essais de semences et léchantillonnage des semences (153 KB)
  Norma de Acreditación ISTA para Análisis y Muestreo de Semillas (309 KB)
  ISTA internal policy to assign an Auditor for a specific audit (295 KB)
  Procedures for Termination, Suspension and Withdrawal of ISTA Accreditation (94 KB)
  Appeals and Complaints Procedure (198 KB)
  Appeals and Complaints Form (54 KB)
  ISTA Accreditation and Scope of Accreditation Policy (877 KB)
  Principles and Conditions for Laboratory Accreditation under the performance based approach (102 KB)
  Performance data evaluation for the presence of seeds with specified traits in seed lots
  Performance Data Evaluation for Specified Trait Purity
  Conditions for making reference to a laboratory's membership and/or accreditation and the use of the ISTA Logo (59 KB)
  Accreditation of laboratories with facilities on multiple sites (98 KB)

PT Programme
  The ISTA Standard Proficiency Test Programme (1064 KB)


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