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Test round 18-1 B.vul started with the shipment of three samples of Beta vulgaris seed for germination testing.

Dispatch date was April 9, 2018 and the deadline for reporting test results to the Secretariat was July 10, 2018. The deadline was extended to July 24, 2018. By this date 89% of the 184 participants had submitted their test results.   

Heterogeneity test results are provided below, to allow the participants to review them. Heterogeneity results are the mean results of 10 samples that had been tested by the Test Leader prior to sample dispatch.   

The results of this PT round will not be delivered to the participants, as there is an evidence of a potentially high number of BMP ratings. The ISTA Proficiency Test Committee, Statistics Committee and Germination Committee Chairs investigated the situation and concluded that there was a significant difference between two out of the three ISTA germination methods used for the selected PT lots. This resulted in a high variability in the results of this particular PT round. Therefore this round will not be rated and it will not be part of the overall performance reports.

The ISTA Germination Committee will additionally study the germination methods used for coated seed on this species. However the temperature regimes defined in the ISTA Rules remain in force for the routine testing. 

PTC Chair contact data:

Didier Demilly
Station Nationale d'Essais de Semences
25 Rue Georges-Morel
C.S. 90024
49071 Beaucouzé Cedex
Phone: +33 241 225820
Fax: +33 241 225801
Email: didier.demilly@geves.fr

PT18-1 B.vul heterogeneity results
PT18-1 B.vul summary report


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