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1 - International Rules for Seed Testing
Available now for downloading 

Starting with the 2014 edition, the ISTA Rules will be available as an electronic, downloadable, printable PDF copy. Click on this link for more information >

Each year, a complete edition will be published.

Rules Amendments with replacement pages will no longer be printed.

ISTA's primary instrument in promoting uniformity in seed testing procedures is the 'International Rules for Seed Testing', which lays down more detailed standard techniques and procedures.
The 'International Rules for Seed Testing' is designed for the principal crop species of the world, but apply in general, if not in detail, to any species of crop plant, even including those not mentioned in the text.
The 'International Rules for Seed Testing' is approved and amended at ISTA Ordinary Meetings on the basis of advice tendered by the ISTA Technical Committees. The Edition 2014 includes the latest changes which were voted on at the ISTA Ordinary General Meeting 2013, held at Antalya, Turkey.
Additional information on seed testing can be found in various ISTA Handbooks, however, without having legal character.  
2 - Seed Science and Technology
SST Publishes original papers and review articles in all areas of  science and technology which may be applied to the production, sampling, testing, storing, processing and distribution of seed.  
3 - ISTA Handbooks
The ISTA Technical Committees are actively involved in writing technical handbooks which give valuable background information to seed testing procedures. Subject focused handbooks are available.  
Seed Testing International is distributed to 2500 subscribers world-wide. The magazine contains the president report, articles on association news, updates of the rules development, method validation and accreditation and scientific papers of applied seed science. It also updats you on training and education programme, e.g. up-coming  and reports from past training courses, workshops and seminars and new publications. Through its various topics, it provides an insight into seed testing issues on regional and international level.
Seed Testing International is published bi-annually, in April and October by the International Seed Testing Association.
Subscription is complimentary
To be included in the mailing list, you only need to contact the Secretariat with your postal details.
The Bulletin is also available as internet download.
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