3.1.1 ISTA Handbook on Flower Seed Testing, 2nd Edition, 2020        
  By the ISTA Flower Seed Testing Committee

Editor: Zita Ripka
Chair (2010 to present): Rita Zecchinelli
Vice-Chair (2010 to 2019): Sharon Davidson  

After extensive work carried out by the Flower Seed Testing Committee (FSC), the first edition of the ISTA Handbook on Flower Seed Testing was published in 2008. A supplement was distributed in 2010 and a new electronic edition released in 2020. This includes 62 working sheets, each dedicated to one or more flower species belonging to a genus, or two closely related genera.  The Handbook is the Committee’s main output, aimed to provide a useful guide for laboratories testing flower seeds. The committee intends to continue the work to include more flower species, as well as herbs, spices, and medicinal species.  

Available as an electronic, downloadable, printable PDF copy only.

This handbook is a special venture of ISTA to collect all the knowledge in laboratory seed testing of flower seeds. It contains comprehensive laboratory seed testing methods for the most frequently tested flower species. It is intended to assist the practising seed analyst by collecting as many illustrations and descriptions as possible to give guidance in everyday laboratory flower seed testing of purity, germination, and viability. The handbook also provides assistance in training new analysts for flower seed testing in accordance with the international principles.

The handbook contains 62 working sheets with a series of procedures and detailed descriptions, full-colour pictures, instructions, and conditions of the most important laboratory seed tests on flower species or genera.

For easy reference, the families and the genera are arranged in alphabetical order.
The Introduction helps to handle and understand the parts of the working sheets and a glossary is included to give relevant information about the expressions used in seed analysis.

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