3.10.3 ISTA Working Sheets on Tetrazolium Testing, Volume I & II, 1st Edition, 2003        
  Volume I - Agricultural, Vegetable and Horticultural Species
By N. Leist and S. Krämer
Illustrated by J. Pfäfflin

Including Supplements 2011

Volume II - Tree and Shrub Species
By N. Leist and S. Krämer
Illustrated by J. Pfäfflin

Available as an electronic, downloadable, printable PDF copy only.

The Tetrazolium Working Sheets Volumes I and II include
detailed and standardized descriptions to conduct and evaluate
tetrazolium tests for the determination of viability in agricultural,
vegetable, horticultural and forest seed.
The working sheets cover 120 agricultural and 122 forest species
and genera. The descriptions are illustrated with pictures of
seed morphology, cutting instructions and the various forms of
non-viable seeds. The working sheets support the International
Rules for Seed Testing by providing the seed testing laboratories
with detailed working plans. They are a result of the daily routine
work experience of a seed testing laboratory and optimization by
the members of the ISTA Tetrazolium Committee from all over
the world.
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