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  3.2.3 Amendments 2013 to ISTA Handbook on Seedling Evaluation, 3rd Edition, 2009        
  Amendments 2013 to ISTA Handbook on Seedling Evaluation, 3rd Edition, 2009

This latest revision to the ISTA Handbook on Seedling Evaluation was proposed following major changes made to ISTA Rules Chapter 5: The Germination Test, which were accepted at the ISTA Congress in Cologne in 2010. It includes:
1.            The addition of sections concerning counting equipment and germination apparatus in Section 4: “Laboratory conditions for seedling evaluation”. It was decided at the Congress in 2010 to remove these parts from the Rules because they were considered as practical guidelines and therefore more suited to the Handbook. It was also the opportunity to add photos of the equipment and to give more detailed information on how to use it. Following a request to include a suggested method for evaluating counting equipment in the Handbook, a method has been proposed to check that counting equipment does not influence germination results. This method is described in 4.1.3 “Germination apparatus”.
2.            The revision of Appendix 2: Index of Seedling Groups, regarding the classification of seedling types for Vigna subterraneae and Vigna angularis. These two species had previously been classified as seedling type F (epigeal germination) whereas, in fact, they are of seedling type G (hypogeal germination).
3.            The revision of Appendix 3: Index of Seedling Abnormalities, to harmonize the list of seedling abnormalities in the Handbook to the list of abnormalities of the ISTA Rules.
4.            The revision of Section 12: Seedling Type D – Seedling Group A-1-2-3-1 and Section 13: Seedling Type D – Seedling Group A-1-2-3-2, to include abnormal type “scutellum detached from the endosperm” in the corresponding sections and to add photos illustrating this defect. Supplementary remarks on these sections have been completed with indications on how to evaluate “detached endosperm” in Section 12 and on how to evaluate “trapped coleoptiles” and “detached endosperm” for Zea mays and Sorghum spp.

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