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  3.7.1 ISTA Handbook on Seed Sampling, 2nd Edition, 2004        
  By the ISTA Bulking and sampling Committee, Editor M. Kruse
This handbook should prove valuable to those concerned with sampling seed at all stages of production and testing. It is essentially a practical guide but contains elements of sampling theory to emphasize the important part samples play in measuring seed quality.

This handbook is made up of 148 pages in an A4 loose ring binder, with full colour figures.

Main highlights of the handbook are:
  • Chapter 1, Discussion of general conditions and responsibilities.
  • Chapter 5, Description of sampling seed lots such as sampling intensity, sampling seed lots in containers and sampling from the seed stream. Description of the tools and a step by step application of the method.
  • Chapter 6, Description of methods for sample reduction.
  • Chapter 7, Labelling and sealing methods for seed lots and seed samples
  • Chapter 8, Procedures for submission of samples to the laboratory.
  • Chapter 9, Quality assurance

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