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3.6.1 Calibration Samples Dactylis Glomerata 3.0g

Calibration Samples for General Seed Blowers  Dactylis Glomerata 3.0g
Price: CHF 1,825.00 Detail
Member-Price: CHF 1,300.00

3.6.2 Calibration Samples Poa Pratensis 1.0g

Calibration Samples for General Seed Blowers are available for the following grass species:
Poa Pratensis 1.0g
Price: CHF 2,175.00 Detail
Member-Price: CHF 1,550.00

3.6.4 Project Seed Laboratory 2000 - 5000, 2nd Edition

Prepared by W.J. van der Burg (editor), J. Bekendam, A. van Geffen and M. Heuver
Price: CHF 50.00 Detail
Member-Price: CHF 25.00

3.6.5 Personal Training Log Booklet

This is your personal Training Booklet. It confirms your efforts in pursuing your training or education, be it in the field of seed testing or otherwise. ISTA recommends the use of this booklet for any kind of seed specific or general supplementary training or education. It shall help to motivate further training, and it may serve to show your various fields of interest. It can also be of use when applying for a new job.
Price: CHF 40.00 Detail
Member-Price: CHF 20.00
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