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3.12.1 Electrophoresis Testing, 1st Edition, 1992

By R.J. Cooke
The first volume of the handbooks of Variety Testing presents in detail three types of electrophoretic methods.
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3.12.2 Growth Chamber - Greenhouse Testing Procedures, 1st Edition, 1993

By R.C. Payne
Growth chamber and greenhouse testing involves growing and evaluating seedlings and plants in a controlled, uniform environment.
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3.12.3 Laboratory Tests for Variety Determination with Fungal Pathogens, 1st Edition, 1993

By J.F. Schoen
The most successful means of distinguishing susceptible varieties from those with some degree of resistance is the observation of plants during a period of development after inoculation with a pathogen.
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3.12.4 Rapid Chemical Identification Techniques, 1st Edition, 1993

By R.C. Payne
Rapid chemical identification techniques may be defined as testing procedures that utilize specific treatments, such as ultra-violet light or chemicals, to reveal chemical differences among seeds or seedlings of different varieties.
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3.12.5 All four Variety handbooks

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