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ISTA Plant Health  Seminar 2021

Session 1: Regulatory aspects of plant health

IPPC and the global movement of seeds – an overview of ISPM 38 Stephanie Bloem (North American Plant Protection Organization) 

How to secure the global movement of sufficiently healthy seeds and its connection with the ISPM38 Michael Keller (International Seed Federation, ISF)

Public-Private partnership initiatives in APAC on the implementation of ISPM38 Kanokwan (May) Chodchoey (The Asia and Pacific Seed Association , APSA)

Session 2: Plant protection in a changing world

Session 2.1: New threats/ outbreaks/ regulations

Knowledge of tobamovirus-plant interactions helps in understanding and managing the new invasive tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)
 Robert Gilbertson (UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Assessing the risk of invasive alien plants on plant health for the EPPO region Rob Tanner (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization)

‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ epidemiology : current state of knowledge Marianne Loiseau (ANSES-LSV)

Fusarium wilt in lettuce: challenges for diagnostics, dynamics and control
 John Clarkson (Warwick Crop Centre, School of Life Sciences University of Warwick)

Xylella fastidiosa: general traits of a recently introduced ancient threat 
Stefania Loreti (CREA DC)

Session 2.2: New detection methods

Next generation screening for pathogens on seed and the effect on seed trade 
Ruud Barnhoorn (Naktuinbouw)

Detection on the seed health: importance to know if pests present are alive and pathogenic

Session 2.3: Alternative control measures

Genetic Resistance Valerie Grimault (GEVES)

SUCSEED - Stopping the use of pesticides on seeds: Plant and microbiome-based solutions Marie Simonin (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, France)


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