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The ISTA membership is a collaboration of seed scientists and seed analysts from universities, research centres and governmental, private and company seed testing laboratories around the world. ISTA values and promotes the diversity of membership, this being the basis for its independence from economic and political influence.

The ISTA membership consists of Member Laboratories, Personal Members, Associate and Industry Members.
Member Laboratory is any laboratory involved in seed testing, science and technology who supports the Association and its objectives and is admitted by the Association.
Personal Member is any interested person engaged in the science and practice of seed testing or in the technical control of such activities.
Associate Member is a person who is not a Personal Member, but who supports the Association and its objectives, and is admitted by the Association.
Industry Member is an organisation which supports the Association and its objectives, and acts as donor, providing sponsorship to the Association.


Rules 2017 now available online

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Latest issue of Seed Testing International

STI 152 October 2016
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AOSA/SCST/ISTA Annual Meeting 2017 Registration is open!

Denver, Colorado, USA 19-22 June 2017

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