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ISTA Designated Member

Designated Member is a Personal Member or a representative from a Member Laboratory that has been appointed by their country/distinct economy’s ISTA Designated Authority. Several Designated Members can exist in a country/distinct economy, but only one (by specific appointment of the corresponding Designated Authority) can execute the voting right at ISTA Ordinary Meetings, on behalf of their government.

As a Designated Member:
  • You can nominate candidates for the election of Officers and Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee. These nominations must be supported by a mover and a seconder (both being Designated Members).
  • You may be elected for a position on ISTA Executive Committee.
How to become a Designated Member

A Personal Member or representative from a Member Laboratory, who would like to become designated, should ask their corresponding Designated Authority to complete the Application for recognition of an ISTA Designated Member. The application form must be signed by the Designated Authority and submitted to the ISTA Secretariat. Contact details of Designated Authorities can be obtained from the ISTA Secretariat.

How to Become a Voting Delegate

Before an ISTA Ordinary Meeting, each Designated Authority in the country/distinct economy is formally requested to appoint one voting delegate (an ISTA Designated Member) to execute the voting right on behalf of their government at the meeting. The appointed Designated Member alone will be entitled to vote on behalf of that government at that particular Ordinary Meeting. If there is no ISTA Designated Authority in the country/distinct economy, the relevant government department (e.g. the Ministry of Agriculture) can submit an Application for recognition of an ISTA Designated Authority to the ISTA Secretariat.


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