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The principal objective of ISTA Technical Committees is to develop, standardise and validate methods for sampling and testing of seed quality, using the best scientific knowledge available. These tasks are subject-focused in Technical Committees where scientists, technicians and specialists from all over the world work closely together for the enhancement of seed testing methodologies. The Technical Committees perform comparative studies and surveys in different research fields. They develop and enhance the ISTA ‘International Rules for Seed Testing’ and ISTA Handbooks on seed methods including sampling, testing and processing seeds, and are responsible for the organisation of Symposia, Seminars and Workshops. ISTA Technical Committees regularly hold workshops which provide a platform for the exchange of information, experience and ideas.

 1. Advanced Technologies Committee
 2. Bulking and Sampling Committee
 3. Editorial Board of Seed Science and Technology       
 4. Flower Seed Testing Committee
 5. Forest Tree and Shrub Seed Committee
 6. Germination Committee
 7. GMO Committee
 8. Moisture Committee
 9. Nomenclature Committee
 10. Proficiency Test Committee
 11. Purity Committee
 12. Rules Committee
 13. Seed Health Committee
 14. Seed Science Advisory Group
 15. Statistics Committee
 16. Seed Storage Committee
 17. Tetrazolium Committee
 18. Variety Committee
 19. Vigour Committee
 20.   Wild Species Working Group

ISTA TCOMs Working Programme 2016-2019

This document presents the approved Working Programme (Terms of References) and Membership of the ISTA Technical Committees (TCOMs) 2016 - 2019. Working programmes are developed by the committees for the three year period between two ISTA Congresses and are approved by the ISTA Executive Committee.

Approved TCOM Working Programmes and Membership 2016 - 2019


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