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Test round 18-3 O.sat started with the shipment of three samples of Oryza sativa seed for purity, other seed determination and germination testing. Completion of an ISTA Orange Certificate has also been requested. Participants will soon receive their provisional results by e-mail.    Samples were dispatched in November 2018 and the deadline for reporting test results to the Secretariat was March 1, 2019. By this date 94% of the 195 participants had submitted their test results.   

Heterogeneity test results are provided on the ISTA web site to allow the participants to review them. Heterogeneity results are the mean results of 10 samples that had been tested by the Test Leader prior to sample dispatch. The results are not necessarily the means that will be calculated but shall give a first indication of the seed quality parameters.  

With publishing this heterogeneity test report, no further results are accepted for submission. Laboratories are kindly requested not to provide results of re-tests unless they wish to receive advice from the Secretariat or the Proficiency Test Leader on issues encountered or specific questions arising. 

PTC Chair contact data:

Didier Demilly GEVES-SNES
Station Nationale d'Essais de Semences
25 Rue Georges-Morel
C.S. 90024
49071 Beaucouzé Cedex
E-mail: didier.demilly@geves.fr

PT18-3 Heterogeneity results O.sat.
OSD photos PT18-3 O.sat.
Round 7 Seed Mixture seed list and images
PT18-3 O.sat. summary report 


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