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1. Working Programme

Working Programme 2016-2019

2. Activity Report

Activity Report 2018
Activity Report 2017
Activity Report 2016

3. Other documents

On the Statistics Committee webpage, we can find the 'Statistical Tools for Seed Testing', which include:
-  Statistical tests for seed mixtures
-  Check of homogeneity when Unifying lots
-  The Heterogeneity Testing Calculator for seed lots in multiple containers

Protocol for the approval of automatic seed samplers

ISTA Seed Sampling Template

Instructions for completing ISTA Seed Sampling template

4. Training videos for ISTA Seed Sampling Trainers:

ISTA Centrifugal divider
ISTA Hand halving

ISTA How to use a cargo sampler
ISTA How to use a nobbe trier

ISTA How to use a sampling stick
ISTA Nobbe Trier Technique

ISTA Spoon method

5. Sampling Calculator Application

ISTA Sampling Calculator


Latest Issue of Seed Testing International

STI 159 April 2020
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Rules 2020 available online

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Seedling Evaluation Handbook 4th Edition

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Seed Science and Technology

Volume 47 released
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