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1. Working Programme

Working Programme 2019-2022

2. Activity Reports

Activity Report 2019
Activity Report 2018
Activity Report 2017

3. Other Documents

SSAG Aims and Objectives
SSAG Terms of Reference
Procedures within the SSAG and interaction with TCOMs
Research interests, collaborative and commercial links

Evaluation of the Q2 Seed Analyser

Report on potential use of Q2 for evaluation of Seed Quality
A review of the principles and use of the Q2 Seed Analyser
Potential use of the Q2 machine as an evaluator of the physiological quality (GER & VIG) of commercial seed-lots
Report on the evaluation of the performance of the Q2 Seed Analyser in Seed Quality Analysis


Flower Seed Testing Handbook 2nd Edition

Available now
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Latest Issue of Seed Testing International

STI 160 October 2020
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ISTA Reference Pest List

ISTA Reference Pest List
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Seed Science and Technology

Volume 48 released
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Rules 2020 available online

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