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Receive the ISTA Rules

The "International Rules for Seed Testing" contain standardised methods and techniques to be used in seed testing, which are internationally harmonised and constantly reviewed by the ISTA Technical Committees.
Get valuable information through ISTA publications

ISTA regularly publishes range of technical Handbooks, the scientific journal 'Seed Science and Technology', the semi-annual news bulletin 'Seed Testing International' as well as different proceedings from the ISTA events.
Be prioritised in any ISTA event

ISTA Members benefit from prioritised conditions and special reduced registration fees for ISTA Congresses, Ordinary Meetings, Symposia and Workshops.
Be involved in the seed testing methodology development

ISTA Members are part of an international network of seed professionals and represent the expertise in seed science and technology. ISTA Members can become directly involved in ISTA Technical Committee work, having contact to leading seed experts worldwide.
Participate in the ISTA Proficiency Test Programme

ISTA Member Laboratories are eligible to participate in the ISTA Proficiency Test Programme. The Proficiency Test provides an opportunity for ISTA members to assess their technical performance and to benchmark themselves with the ISTA laboratory community.
Become accredited and issue ISTA International Certificates

Member Laboratories can become accredited by ISTA. Accredited laboratories have proven their technical competence in carrying out seed testing in accordance with the ISTA Rules, and operate an effective quality management system. They are authorised to issue ISTA International Seed Analysis Certificates.
Participate in the ISTA decision making process

ISTA Personal Members may be appointed as Designated Members and obtain authorisation to vote at ISTA Ordinary Meetings on behalf of the government concerned.


Latest issue of Seed Testing International Issue 156

STI 156 October 2018
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Rules 2019 now available online

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