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The International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) held its Annual Meeting 2009 from June 15 to 18 in Glattbrugg (Zurich), Switzerland.

Furthermore, a one-day Workshop was held on June 14, which included presentations on seed analyst training from different regions of the world.

As available, the presentations given during the week can be downloaded below by clicking on the corresponding programme points (in blue).


Sunday 14 June 2009
07:00-09:00  Registration of Participants
09:00-17:00  ISTA Seed Analyst Training Workshop/Seminar
                       The ISTA Seed Analyst Training Workshop was held at the Hotel Novotel, Glattbrugg (Zurich), 
                       Switzerland on June 14, 2009. A summary of the communications and discussions has been 
                       produced by Pieter Oosterveld as moderator of the Workshop. This summary was presented
                       at the ISTA Ordinary Meeting held on June 19, 2009 and can be downloaded as PDF file.
                       If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please submit them by e-mail to the 
                       ISTA Secretariat latest by July 31, 2009.
16:00-20:00  Registration of Participants
19:00             Welcome Cocktail at NOVOTEL

Monday 15 June 2009
08:30-18:00  ISTA Seminar on Purity Testing

Tuesday 16 June 2009
08:30              Opening by the ISTA President
08:30-10:00  Session I:         
                        a. Report from the Purity Committee
                        b. Report from the Germination Committee
                        c. Report from the Moisture Committee
10:00-10:30  Coffee Break
10:30-12: 30  Session II        
                        a. Report from the Tetrazolium Committee
                        b. Report from the Vigour Committee
                        c. Report from the Seed Health Committee
                        d. Report from the Variety Committee
12:30-13:30  Lunch Break
13:30-14:00  e. Report from the GMO Task Force
14:00-15:00  Session III:
                        a. Report from the Flower Seed Committee
                        b. Report from the Forest Tree and Shrub Seed Committee
15:00-15:30  Session IV:
                        a. Report from the Editorial Board of Seed Science & Technology                                                                           
15:30-16:00  Coffee Break & Official Photo Session
16:00-18:30  Meetings of single ISTA Committees:
16:00-18:30  Bulking and Sampling Committee (room 'Basel')
16:00-18:30  Variety Committee Meeting (room 'Luzern')
16:30-18:30  Moisture Committee Meeting (room 'Zürich')
16:30-18:30  GMO Task Force Meeting (room 'Bern')
16:30-19:00  Purity Committee (room 'Lausanne')
17:00-18:30  Germination Committee (room 'Genf')

Wednesday 17 June 2009
08:30             Opening by the ISTA President
08:30-12:30  Session V:
                       a. Report from the Bulking and Sampling Committee
                       b. Report from the Statistics Committee
                       c. Report from the Nomenclature Committee
                       d. Report from the Storage Committee
10:00-10:30  Coffee Break
10:30-12:00  Session V (continued):
                       e. Report from the Advanced Technologies Committee
                        f. Report from the Method Validation Advisory Group
                       Session VI:
                       a. Report from the Proficiency Test Committee
12:00-13:00  Lunch Break
13:00-13:30  Session VI (continued):
                        b. Report from the Audit Programme
                        Session VII
                        a. Meeting of the Rules Committee
14:30-15:00  Coffee Break
15:00-17:00  Session VII (continued)

17:30              Departure of coaches from NOVOTEL and IBIS Hotel to the Official Dinner
19:30-22:00  OFFICIAL DINNER (departure at Hotels at 17:30)

Thursday 18 June 2009
09:00-10:00  Welcome by the ISTA President
                       Presentation on the Development of the Seed Industry in Europe
                       Mr. Garlich von Essen, Secretary General of the European Seed Association (ESA)
10:00-10:30  Coffee Break
10:30-12:30  1. Call to order
                        2. President's address
                        3. Roll call of Designated Members entitled to vote
                        4. Reading of Minutes
                        5. Report of the Executive Committee
                        6. Report of the Secretary General
12:30-13:30  Lunch Break
13:30-14:30   7. Constitution changes
                         8. Fixation of the Annual Subscriptions
                         9. Consideration and adoption of the proposed Rules Changes 2009
15:00-15:30  Coffee break
15:30-17:30  10.  Consideration and adoption of reports
                        11.  Announcement of the place and date for the next Ordinary Meeting
                        12.  Any other business raised by a Member, of which notice in writing has been received by
                                the Secretary General two months prior to the date of the meeting
                        13.  Any other business raised by consent of the Executive Committee
                        14.  President's closing address           
                        15.  Adjournment
Link to the documents approved by the voting delegates of the ISTA Ordinary Meeting 2009


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